“ To the Makers of Music, all worlds, all times” - Inscription on NASA Voyager spacecraft, 1977

Recordings from the Studio

I have recorded and written songs for as long as I remember, but for some reason much of that activity has taken a back seat to playing live music. Between building my instruments, and playing live and maintaining a band it gets hard to find studio time! But I manage to get some writing and recording done.

I have a small home studio, and run Pro Tools there. These songs all feature instruments that I built, and I played all of the parts- except for the notable work of drummer and good friend Tom Davis on some songs. Enjoy, and please comment!

Live performance!


Please visit my page on Soundcloud!

Soundcloud is an on-line community for hosting music and sound. There is a large supportive group there, and I chose that place to put the songs I want to share with the world. I will be updating and adding material as I go, and also I’ll be putting up some different things now and then, old and new. So visit and mark my page there.


As soon as things open up once again I will be playing and hosting

Open Mic

on Thursdays at the Pizza Cafe’ in Howard City.