My guitars are meant for the fingerstyle player, intimate musicians, singer songwriters and lovers. Performers who like it when people listen to the voice of the instrument and the song.

Yes, Longfellow said it, but you really know it when you play a good guitar.

Acoustic Guitars

The Mandolin has a voice like no other instrument, and it can speak in many ways all its own. The Octave Mandolin fills a sonic space between a guitar and a standard mandolin.


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In-Progress and news

Acoustic Guitars

These photos show a number of the different types of acoustic guitars that I build. The Cygnus, the Fatboy, the Jumbo, and the L-00.

Of course it is possible for me to build these instruments in any combination of woods and trim, if you have something in mind please take a look and email me.

Different acoustic guitar models

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Octave and Standard Mandolins

These mandolins are a flat-topped design, different from the carved archtop models that are usually seen in bluegrass circles. I think of these as folk or Celtic styled instruments. These instruments can be built with many different variations, so I’d like to hear what you might have in mind.

Flat-topped Celtic mandolins

Electric Guitars

I like to use set necks, and chambered designs, sometimes carved tops. I build and wind my own pickups, and like to use active electronics such as preamplifiers and active tone controls- these are of exclusive and custom designs.

Unique Electric guitars

Details and Trim

Here are some photos of the work I do with shell and other materials, for decorative inlay. This allows a personal touch, and can really make an instrument special. Just like the instruments themselves, this is all hand done work, no computers or lasers, or Alien machinery was used! Have a look, and I hope this might inspire you to think of a personalized instrument of your own.

Inlays and personal touches

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