Standard and Octave Mandolins

And NEW! The Octofone 2.0

These mandolins are a flat-topped design, different from the carved archtop models that are usually seen in bluegrass circles. I think of these as folk or Celtic styled instruments. The “standard” mandolin is just what you might think, a standard scale length and tuning, while the “octave” mandolin is tuned one octave lower and is larger. A Bouzouki uses a different tuning, and has a longer neck than an octave mandolin but can be built with the same body design. These instruments can be built with many different variations, so I’d like to hear what you might have in mind.

A NEW addition to my mandolin family is the Octofone. This was originally built by Regal in Chicago during the 1920’s. I have re-designed it, using modern techniques. I feel that this new design really sounds great!