Welcome to the Swanson Video page! A little extra fun for you, and for me too.

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I use Corel VideoStudio Pro 8 for my video editing software, and Corel PaintShop Pro 7 for editing still photos. It’s great software, and fun to use.

I enjoy learning new things. When advances in video software, computers and new video cameras made it possible for people like me to take advantage of it, I had to jump in. I didn’t realize that the capability to produce video of this quality was available to me and I was amazed when I saw all I could do.

We live in a time where nothing should hold us back from learning new and exciting things. Video, and learning to make it a part of my musical experience was one more reminder that our minds never stop learning.

My mission here is to have a little fun, and to learn about making and enjoying video to share with my friends and visitors.

It’s all part of my musical experience

Here are some  of the videos I have done. Just click on the video to watch it….

Some of these are music videos, and some are just shots and scenes of things I enjoy doing.

I’ll be changing these around every so often, so check in and see what’s new now and then.



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