Mark Swanson is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and the Grand Rapids Federation of Musicians Local 56

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A little bit of introspection here. I do get into discussions now and then about why we do what we do, and this little video introduces some of my ideas, and tells a bit about my guitar building philosophy.

I wanted to show a few of the different instruments I build and talk about them and in the process let you know a little more about me, too. In fact that will be the whole point of this Gallery page. There will be pictures and things here that show more than just my instruments, but will shine a little light into my life in music too. Enjoy

Gallery Goodies

For more Instrument specific photos and information, be sure to visit

my Instruments page.

Guitar Goodies

I can’t possibly have a nice Gallery page without some guitar photos...we all love guitar pictures.
I’ll be putting up some new photos very soon, hopefully there will be plenty of eye candy for visitors to see. If you see an instrument that interests you, please email me and let’s talk about it. And visit the Instrument page to see more detailed photos and information about each model.

I love living in Michigan, and I can’t resist sharing some photos with you. I’ll share photos of musical fun, and friends, and furry family members too. Some of these photos are taken by my friends, and some of them by me but all of them are great and show you a picture of life and how it is here in western Michigan. I’ll change them regularly, so check back often and if you want me to include something let me know! Hey- I’ll have to put up some pictures of different musicians playing their Swanson guitars! Stay tuned.

Life in Michigan

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